Empowering Institutions, Businesses and Individuals

Ours is a global Research, Information, Training and Capacity-Building concerns, with experience in modern and emerging business concepts and technological advancements. We don't just do our job to meet our business objectives - rather we are poised to meet the varying and sometimes conflicting needs of our clients. We are in business because you are. That's why we are always researching better ways to meeting your needs.

Our human capital is a blend of several years and skills in providing varied technical and managerial support to small, medium and large-scale international and multilateral institutions (e.g. UNO, FAO, UNDP, etc), businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Having worked for others, we have seen their failure in meeting the needs of an increasingly sophisticated group of customers. We decided we could do it better ourselves! Our managerial architecture is flat, thus allowing rapid response in project initiation, execution and maintenance, and is designed to achieve a capacity, versatility and flexibility beyond that of our competitors.

We Think, Talk and Work Research  business. Founders of Nissi Consult are academics, with research affiliations with leading institutions in the world. If you need help developing research or business proposal, or would like to engage a proven research team, we may be able to help.

Nissi Consult is a consulting business with a high concentration on African and Developing Economies. We leverage our rich database of some of the best technical and managerial professionals in the industry to meet the needs of our clients ..... Our Training and Capacity-Building methodology is built on cutting-edge technology, transferability and sustainability, and meets the emerging needs of a globalised World.
If you need a copy of our company brochure & other information, please send us an e-mail at info@nissiconsult.co.uk or phone our hotlines: +44 (0) 845 2575 925.
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